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Beth Peshia

"I Thought I Knew it ALL!!!"

Coming from a long background in fitness and lifting... I thought I knew it all! In the last weeks, I have learned more then I thought I could! Proper form, little tweaks that she suggests are a game-changer that only her expertise could see, and the enco...

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Bob Grist

"Reach Your Goals!"

Christina's energy keeps you motivated! she will help you reach your goals!...

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Erica Wilk

"I Am Seeing Obvious Results!"

Christina is amazing! I've only been going for 1 month and am seeing obvious results! She caters to each person making sure everyone is getting the best for themself. SO GLAD I stopped in to talk to her!...

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Len Szatkowski

"This Is Not Your Typical Personal Trainer!"

Absolutely the best! Christina knows her stuff! The personal training is well worth it! Knowledgeable, flexible with schedules, and results! This is not your typical personal trainer. She goes above and beyond to learn what your body can and cannot do. I ...

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Margery Grist

"Never Felt These Muscles Before!"

Christina is so knowledgeable and motivating to work with! she gives you the best workout and tells you where you should be feeling each movement. I have never worked some of these muscles before ever! Love her!!! ...

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Randi Warren

"Love This GYM!!!"

CAN NOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH! I had heard many good things about FIT but was a little intimidated to join because I had no personal experience with lifting. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and join and the minute I walked in all of my anxiety went away....

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Stacey Reynolds Nicholson

"I Have Learned So Much!"

Christina is so educating and encouraging! I have learned so much in just a couple of sessions. After having 9 surgeries I was scared to just go to a gym not knowing what I was doing.. so doing one on one with Christina has helped me learn machines and ex...

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